Sunday, August 22, 2010

Green Flower Porcelain Classic Chopsticks (pair/ paper packing)

Length 22cm, green flower porcelain classic chopsticks are practical favor for any Asian themed event.

Price : RM3.50/pair
Engraved with Bride and Grooms Chinese Zodiac Signs (pair/ organza packing)

Natural Bamboo chopsticks come with engraved Chinese zodiac signs of bride and groom and traditional Chinese proverbs that signifying good luck and prosperous. Iit is practical favor for a Chinese banquet and a popular giveaway for any Asian themed event.

Length 23.5cm, the chopsticks are made of natural bamboo, lacquer free, eco friendly, and packed with organza bag for a more formal presentation.
Additional engraveing with the couples names and date is allowed with special charge.

PRICE : RM4.50/pair
Elegant bone Porcelain Stainless Steel Chopsticks (pair/ organza packing)

Comsummerate your Chinese banquet or any Asian themed event with our elegant bone porcelain stainless steel chopsticks (pair). Length 23cm, there are all tgether 13 design themes for your choices:

1. Plum Flower
2. Sweet flower
3. Chinese knot
4. Together forever
5. Montreal rose
6. Concerted grass
7. Duchess lady
8. Gold blue grass
9. Rouge Rose
10. Blue Rose
11. Chinese rose
12. Leaves Rose
13. Camellia flower

The chopsticks are packed inside an exquisite pouch bag for a formal presentation.

Personalized Engraved Natural Wood Chopsticks (pair/ paper bag)

A personalized pair of natural wood chopsticks is the must-have party favor for a Chinese banquet and a popular giveaway for any Asian themed event. Length 20cm, our chopsticks are made of high quality natural wood, and each is engraved with the couples names and date or a personal message of your choice. You can even have your names and date engraved on one chopstick and a special thank you message engraved on the other.

Laser technology allows for clean, precise engraving. Because the laser actually burns into the wood, your personalized message will not fade or wash off over time. Natural dark wood finish works with any table setting.

The chopsticks are tied with beautiful ribbon and plased inside a "Double Happiness" paper envelope for a simple presentation.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Calla Lily Elegance Vase Shaped Candle

Apple of My Eye Candle Favor

Sometimes the most charming things come in small packages. This little RED candle brings a big impact to any event; showers, parties, receptions, when ever!  Handpainted in a deep apple red, the wick is cleverly disguised at the appleŠŐ» stem.  Clear showcase box is tied with sheer ribbon and stands approximately 2"H.  A standard "Apple of My Eye" tag is included.  Candle avaialble in RED ONLY and comes only as described above.

Two Peas in a Pod Candle

These whimsical "two peas in a pod" candle favors make great additions to spring and summer events. A sweet little pea motif makes this unique wedding favor candle a romantic reminder that the two of you are meant to be. They make great guest favors for engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions, and anniversaries. Each candle includes two little separate removable peas nestled inside of a matching waxen pod. A matching gift box displays each favor. Gift box features an elegant pea and floral greenery design and includes a clear display window, sheer white ribbon and matching pea-pod shaped "Thank You" tag. Gift box measures 4" long by 1.5" deep.